Miss America and Hour Magazine Host Gary Collins Dies at Age 74


Actor and television host Gary Collins has died.  The former Master of Ceremonies for the world famous Miss America Pageant and “Hour Magazine” passed away in Biloxi, Mississippi earlier today. 

Collins was married to actress and Miss America 1959, Mary Ann Mobley.  He was most noted for his acting career in the 70’s and 80’s as a character actor on numerous sitcoms and dramas, all culminating in his hosting of the syndicated program “Hour Magazine” and becoming host of the “Miss America Pageant“.

The end of his life was dotted with run-ins with Los Angeles and Mississippi police.  In 2007 and 2009, he was convicted of separate DUI’s in L.A.  In 2011, Collins separated from his wife and moved to Mississippi.  That year he was also was arrested and fined for leaving a Biloxi restaurant without paying his dinner tab.

Collins is survived by his estranged wife and 3 children.



  1. sarah sanders

    thats to bad

  2. Bart

    Sorry to hear of Gary’s demise…:(

  3. So sad to hear ab gary,my thoughts nd prayers go out to his fam nd frnds!

  4. lynda wilder


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