Monthly Archives: December, 2012

300-Thousand Sign Petition to Recognize the Westboro Baptist Church as a ‘Hate Group’

A movement is underway to make the Westboro Baptist Church a nationally and formally recognized ‘hate group’.  Advertisements

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Baby Panda Loves His Ball!!!

This little cutie just won’t give up playing! He will make you smile!

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‘Stormin Norman’ – Retired General Norman Schwarzkopf Dies Suddenly in Florida

Gulf War General Norman Schwarzkopf has died at the age of 78

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‘Odd Couple’ ‘Quincy’ Actor Jack Klugman Dead at 90

Hollywood icon Jack Klugman has passed away

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The Easiest Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe!

The easiest peanut butter fudge recipe

You asked for it and we’ve got it!  The Easiest Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe just for you!  Click the link for a printable copy. 

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Saturday Night Live Pays Tender Tribute to Newtown Victims [Video]

In what will surely be remembered as one of the most touching introductions to Saturday Night Live ever – the New York City Children’s Chorus opened the show last night with an accapella rendition of “Silent Night”.  

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