300-Thousand Sign Petition to Recognize the Westboro Baptist Church as a ‘Hate Group’



A movement is underway to make the Westboro Baptist Church a nationally and formally recognized ‘hate group’. 

The group, known for picketing the funerals of soldiers, recently vowed to picket the funerals of the children and adults massacred in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary.   They claimed the shooter, Adam Lanza, was sent by God because God hates homosexuals and Connecticut has embraced same-sex marriage.

That angered the public so much that it motivated someone to petition the White House to formally recognize the group as a hate group because it targets the military, homosexuals and religious freedoms.  Even the famed hacker Anonymous has declared ‘war’ on the Westboro Baptist Church and its teachings.

The main message of the Westboro Baptist Church, which mainly consists of one family, is that God has brought forth death and destruction on us all because the country is tolerant of homosexuals.



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